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The Easiest Fundraising Platform On Earth Period.

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Love Your Fundraising App

These are major reasons people are starting to use Klava Fund for fundraising of all types!

Donor Trust

Vitally important for fundraising organizations. Klava Fund does not sell donor information. We even allow anonymous donations (no login to our app required). We do have a service fee but a small price to keep spammers away.

Firebase & Stripe

Built on the same platform as Pokemon Go, Firebase. Also, we are using the secure transactions giant Stripe. We are serious about security and being able to scale to any size campaign you might envision.

App Optional

The app is necessary for management of your account and funds, but is optional for donors. A donor can scan the QR code with their phone and be taken to the webpage to donate fast. The donor experience is seamless with Klava Fund and why people love it.

A Fundraising Platform that puts Donor trust first and Donor experience next. Glad to see someone filling gaps in fundraising technology.

Charity Raising Ideas can flourish with the Klava Fund App due to its simple nature but powerful tools.

Crowd fundraising, Crowdfunding or whatever you want to call it is easy with this app. I thought I knew what grassroots was but this app proves it.

Easy Setup

Takes 3-5 minutes if you have a Stripe account.

Download App & Make a Fund

Search "Klava Fund" in the Mobile Stores on Your Mobile Phone

Setup Account & Stripe

Google account, Apple Account or Email. Easy Stripe integration in profile page!

Tell Everyone

Use the in app grassroot tools to apply your QR code and Hashtag to Photos for easy social posts. You have to tell the story of your need & should ask your followers to scan to give and share with their followers for best results.

Nonprofits & Social Good Causes

Cure Rare Disease QR code

Virtual Donation Plate

Share QR code in online events, station donation placards for live events, yard signs with the QR code & safety vests with QR code for car donations. All safe and social distance giving!

Extended Reach

Grassroots app. Supporters can extend your message of the need. Upgrade your social posts with in app photo tools!

Cure Rare Disease QR code

In-App Tools

Klava Fund has photo tools to apply your QR code & Hashtag to nice photos of your choosing. Photos are never uploaded to Klava Fund servers and all the processing take place on your phone.

WorldWise Tutoring Icon

Official WorldWise Tutoring Fundraising App for Student Sponsor Program

WorldWise Tutoring’s Student Sponsorship program will provide a semester’s worth of highly-qualified online instructors to low-income minority students. The goal of this program is to help students with academics and test prep, while also teaching them the underlying learning and life skills so that they can excel in all classes, in college, in their careers, and beyond.

Short Videos

Demo with Sam Provenzano

~13 min

This is Grassroots Reach and Action

Fundraising During a Pandemic

Political Campaigns or Nonprofits

Klava Fund App is the best platform to do fundrasing during Covid-19. You can do virtual fundraising with a background in your zoom meetings that has the QR code. Your participants can just scan the code and give. Without even having to download the Klava Fund App! Supercharge your social media with some great social posts and also videos that incorporate the QR code for easy giving as well. You can also place the QR code on printed materials or email newsletters. So many ways to evolve your fundraising for now and the future.

Email: The Founder to request a demo.